Web XR - Ar are specifically - plane detection - future?

Hi All,

I’m not a developer (am a 3D artist), but have played around with the sand box etc. Really love the fact that 3D on the web is becoming more relevant.

One thing I know is a bit lacking at the moment is AR on the web. I know iOS only runs safari (or in the background anyway) and that safari/apple are super behind on innovation in their browser, probably because they want people to continue using apps. However I thought android/chrome was pretty advanced on Web AR?

Having said this I tried to get plane detection working using the example on the documentation:

and its just a white screen. Testing it on mobile (by scanning the QR code), it seems not to work on chrome in android?

What is the future of AR in Babylon, can it access ARcore? will it? And is AR, plane detection at least broken?

It would be great to know the current status and future of it so we can advise clients.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s insight, and apologies for being quite broad on this topic.



cc @bghgary

@RaananW probably can answer this better than me since it seems the topic is WebXR in a browser.

If you are looking for a different solution outside of a browser (perhaps in a mobile app), then Babylon Native has implementations of WebXR targeting ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS both with plane detection support.

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Hi @Luc_Clayton ,

Plane detection is experimental and requires enabling a flag in chrome://flags (i think it is called webxr incubation). WebXR as a whole is still experimental (it is still in draft mode).

The future of geometry detection in AR is depth sensing (WebXR Depth Sensing Module). It is not yet implemented in babylon.js, but we have an open task for that.

iOS doesn’t support WebXR at all. The wonderful company from Cupertino thinks that web standards should not be implemented. or only implemented when they think it’s the right time. If you want WebXR in iOS i would recommend using babylon native!

Under the hood it is using ARCore. But what you have available in your browser is WebXR only.


Thank you for the replies. Seems like its mainly the browsers that are behind. Though I’m excited to see what Babylon 6 has to offer :slight_smile: