Awesome Kitchen Configurator

Simple kitchen Configurator


Very nice and minimalistic!

Ok, the animation for the sliding out parts were super surprising. Love it!
(Maybe now I can finally decide if I want a white or brown kitchen in my future dream home)

Nice. We need good 3D commerce preview and the choice of a Kitchen is I believe a good choice.
I remember the time of the IKEA kitchen builder and I remember the time (early 2012) where we created the showroom builder configurator in Unity (a couple of SS below). I believe most interesting in the aspect of ‘purchasing’ or making a ‘purchase decision’ for a kitchen would be to have all dimensions. May be you could add a ruler and dimensions?
If at all possible with this kitchen model, I would also want to be able to ‘modulate’ my kitchen with the different elements (and see all elements available for this particular kitchen model.
The animation of opening the parts is a real nice touch. Being able to see the interior layout (and materials used) is also a must have in the idea of easing a purchase decision without seeing the real thing. We need those kind of project and I know how much work it is to set up a configurator. I agree to the comments regarding the blend of textures and additional effects that might not be totally in line with a 3D commerce objective (rendering as close as possible to the real thing). But these parts can be easily reworked/improved.

2012 Unity showroom builder:

I just visited your website and this is good stuff. I adhere to the vision of a new customer/user experience in the Internet and MR/VR/AR. Keep up with the good work :smiley:


Looks great well done. I noticed a small glitch with the animations state though. I clicked the play button to open all , then clicked some while open , then clicked the play button to close all. After that if you click the individual items , which are now closed , they jump to the open state and animate closed. Im sure that is meant to animate to open.?

anyway great stuff again.

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Thanks for feedback , it is really encouring you like it, will fix the issues, we are enhancing with more features, stay tuned

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Thanks for feedback and inputs we are working in the same direction as you mentioned