Parametric cabinet

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I took a long break to recharge my batteries. :muscle:
My project “Parametric Cabinet” finally online (not completely finished). (An extension of an old topic Parametric cabinet - Demos and Projects - HTML5 Game Devs Forum)

I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me :+1: :-1:



Welcome back :slight_smile:

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Parametric cabinet driven by condition’s and equations (internal drawers).

The qty/size of drawers depends on the size of the drawer box.


Awesome Demo! Very cool!!! Any objections to me adding this to the community demo page?

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Of course you can add, it would be great.

Great work @Arte! Love it. One suggestion (which you’ve likely already considered), as a woodworker myself it’d be good to have the texture translation on parallel boards randomised a bit so that, for instance, the sides of the cabinet don’t look identical, and similarly on the drawer fronts a furniture maker would aim to cut those from a single sheet of veneer and order the drawers so the grain pattern is continuous across the 3 drawers.

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With texture translation will be easy, but with drawer fronts (cut from one peace) it really isn’t that easy. Because I recalculate everything automatically. I need to think about it.
Thank you for your suggestions

Added Transparency

Added Explosion

Parametric Cabinet


don’t work on mobiles?

Not for now, sorry. I’m working on it. My primary targets were computers and tablets.