Babylon 4 vs 5 for new project?

We are beginning a new 2.5D game project and have noticed that Babylon 5.0 is now listed as “beta” on GitHub instead of “alpha”. There are new features there that may come in handy, are there any major likely issues then with aiming to use the ongoing beta as the foundation for the new project?

I’d suggest to go with the new version, as each new version is basically better quality, less bugs old features + new features. And best work done with backwards compatibility.
In our project we always go with the newest preview as it fixes some bugs we meet. Some work done with minor compatibility issues though, when we do something naughty, like ripping off bounding box code from BJS source for drawing octree.


Ah, so working with the latest preview works out best for you guys. However, has it not been the case that this also introduces some new bugs whilst also fixing old ones? Now I understand anything is bound to add new bugs. So, my question is the likelihood of adding major bugs to your project is equal to or less than the benefit of the bugfixes and enhancements you get with each push to the latest unstable version?

One thing to consider is that this is a major new version under active development so there could be some surprises left in it. But it is in beta now so maybe it’s not so scary.

We fully test every preview release. It is always possible that we introduced new bugs (because after all, some of us are still human :slight_smile: ), but that could also happen when using 4.2 (which did have a few bugs - we fixed them in 5.0 preview releases).

5.0 preview is used in production in many different projects. We recommend using the npm release and not the nightly previews cdn, to make sure you lock a specific version, but this is for your own convenience. Otherwise you could use our preview CDN which is the most updated version of the framework.


I’ve been using 5 for a while. It’s very stable and the rare bugs are fixed very quickly. It includes a lot of new features and it’s definitely worth using instead of 4.


Thanks for the input guys, we’ll use 5 then!


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