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How to add GUI in babylon Editor? it’s possible to find any project templates for babylon.Editor ?

Hi and Welcome to BJS,
I hope you are enjoying the experience so far. The GUI Editor is a new tool enabling to very simply create and modify a UI and import it in your scene.
I believe your question is more like ‘How can I add a GUI created with the editor in my scene’, yes?
Or else, you should may be rephrase it.
On the other hand, if your question was more like 'How do I load a GUI into the editor", well then again the answer is simple and can be found here
To add the GUI you have created with the editor to your scene, you mainly have 2 options:

  1. Use the snippet server/embedded link
  2. Import from json

If not already done, I suggest you start by taking a quick tour of the doc for the all new GUI Editor

As for templates, I’m not sure how many featured templates for the GUI Editor are already available. This is still a beta version and for the content/example is mostly relying on the contribution of users to add new templates and examples.
Usually, you would find these through the playground templates link but sadly it appears the link from the doc is currently broken. It shall be fixed shortly. I will make a post for this.

Again, welcome to the Community and do not hesitate to return here with your questions. Also, all contribution (even a simple comment) to further improve the BJS GUI and the new GUI Editor would be highly appreciated and considered.
Meanwhile, have a great day, :sunglasses:

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cc @julien-moreau

Hi @Vladimir_Smorodinov !
@mawa is right, GUI is not yet integrated in the editor and using the Babylon.JS API to load GUI from snippets is the best way to do that.

Templates for BabylonJS Editor are available when you launch it by default. But there is no template integrating GUI for instance


I’m confident that we’ll soon get there :smiley:

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@mawa you are right because I’m working on integrating the GUI Editor! As I did for the NME

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@mawa @Vladimir_Smorodinov
GUI Editor is now available in the editor v4.4.0 :slight_smile:
Documentation is coming. Just add a new GUI asset and start editing it

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