How load GUI json from "GUI Editor" in "BabylonJs Editor"

Hello I’m learning to use Babylon Js Editor.
I’m learning how implement GUI from the “GUI Editor” (is another editor) that export the json file for example:

In the example its load like this:

In the Editor I create a Node that make the Gui
My try in the editor:

looks like the problem is the method “parseFromURLAsync” from AdvancedDynamicTexture I’m importing it and in the documentation the method exist (maybe not in TypeScript)

I hope I can get help to implement this
Thank you and sorry for my english

Hi @Lozamded !
It looks like this feature has been added in BabylonJS 5.0.0.
The editor is using BabylonJS 4.2.x and you may have to update your version of the editor.

I have a WIP branch that integrated BabylonJS 5.0.0.
I’m going to release it as RC so you’ll be able to use that GUI feature

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Good I see the developement of the editor is growing faster =)

thanks, the editor is great. I come from godot engine, and this software has accommodated me a lot

@Lozamded im going to release the editor including v5 of BabylonJS ! GUI will be supported by loaders using the same way you shared above

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Good I will check it when it releases