Babylon Unity Export with NON standard shaders

Ive been using the toolkit with standard shaders for the past year on many projects and have had successful exports. I am currently working on two different projects that require 1) toon shader from Unity asset store and 2) complex skin shader imported from external program… when I try to export using babylon toolkit, the shaders dont translate over. (Grey Mesh with no material)

Tldr: anyone know if there is any way to export non-standard shaders from unity using the toolkit?


cc @MackeyK24

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There is NO UNITY SHADER Support… I know it looks like it its doing that, but it not… It is a big GLTF 2.0 With Custom Material Support. I add all that stuff into the sthe standard material to make it look like its a Unity Shader… I write GLSL Material shaders and add Lightmaps etc to the GLTF 2.0 spec.

In short… you dont and never will actually use Unity shaders when exporting content to BabylonJS.

I make the best looking GLTF 2.0 PBR Material (Babylon.manager.js) export i can :slight_smile:


Ah, I see, thank you. From what you just explained, my next question would be, when you say “you add all that stuff” , is the stuff only accepted if its unity standard shader because when I use any other shader there is no export

Edit: I just re-read your last post and I think I fully understand. Thanks!