Babylon.js as seen by neural networks

Prompt: Babylon 3d engine is most powerful, beautiful, and simple Web rendering engines in the world.
Style: High quality art

AI -


I don’t think I can endorse this representation. I can’t see the sphinxlike statue with the head of deltakosh, nor the two monumental guardians statues with pirateJC holding two sceptres and patrickRyan casting enlightment on the community. And the engravings should be in shader code :rofl: Definetely not accurate if you ask me :grin: :joy:
It looks nice though but then I also wonder why it’s called ‘Kandisky’. It has just nothing to do with Kandisky style. It should have been called ‘Shishkin’. Much more like it :art: :framed_picture:

This AI has different styles. One needs to choose ‘Kandinsky’ style to have something like this (the prompt is the same):

Link to this picture - Russian DALL-E (

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“Babylon playground” in Picasso style :slight_smile:

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A man once asked Picasso why he was painting such unrealistic pictures and showed him a portrait of his wife and said that would be realism, where did Picasso respond: “Your wife is pretty flat and two-dimensional!” :smiley:

Art may very well be beyond what we call “reality”.

But yes, I also miss a reference to reality in this picture, at least the Babylon.js logo. ^^


One needs to include logo to the prompt, otherwise it may be hidden somewhere underground :slight_smile:

Prompt: a future 3D games engine


My interpretation of the generate image of an “future 3D games engine”:

The user (left bottom corner), the giant computer (in the middle front) and the surrounding generated 3D world are in the same world. There is no more difference between real reality and computer rendered reality.

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My question would be: Why does it show a desolate and post-apocalyptic environment.
Is that the future it foresees for us, gamers ? Should I understand that if we don’t stop gaming, our world in the future will look this? May be because we would be all cought in the virtual and have stopped considering and maintaining ‘reality’. Could be an explanation… :grin: