Babylon.js at Ignite 2019 - Thanks to @sable and @Peter_Bowater

Hey All,

This week I had the opportunity to present Babylon.js at Microsoft’s Ignite 2019 conference. This is a conference with over 30k people from across the globe, all coming together to learn about new technology trends.

I wanted to give a huge “shout out” and “Thank You” to two of our active community members: @sable (Masters Tracker) and @Peter_Bowater (Red Arrows). Thank you both so much for building (and allowing me to present) these two stunning examples that showcase why interactive 3D experiences make the web 10x more immersive and engaging for users.

I truly do love this community and was honored to represent some of your work.


Hi JC, nice presentation! It’s both easy to take for granted and amazing what’s possible with web graphics nowadays, it’s so much more accessible than Shockwave and Silverlight, watching this really put it into perspective! Got a laugh out of it too at the 14 minute mark, when you zoomed out on that node graph to show the “behemoth”, just to create a wavy plane, and wow, it runs at 60 fps? :laughing: And your cheating kind of showed the power of the playground: take pieces from elsewhere and put them into your playground!