Babylon js is not working on Mi Browser

Babylon js not working on Xiaomi phone, Mi Browser, what might be the reason?

basically nothing works from playground, it turns on but the touchscreen controls not working, nor this example nor basic, something prevents touch events, i need this 360 dome example to be operational

for example in the demos section this example works

Thank you!

On mobile phones, such as wechat, smaller pictures or models are needed, otherwise rendering will crash
Single picture shall not be greater than 2m

What are the browser’s capabilities? does it fully support webgl? 1? 2?

Is it based on a different open source projects (i.e. chromium, for example)?

not sure about capabilieties, its not crashing, its loading fine just touch controls are disabled for some reason

Just checking, does it work on any other browser on your phone?

I’m digging around to see if the Mi Browser has anything different and it seems that they don’t have support for pointer events (on this day and age…)?

I prepared a simple playground to detect if your browser supports pointer events, please take a look: Babylon.js Playground
If it doesn’t, you’ll have to add a Polyfill for it, like PEP: GitHub - jquery-archive/PEP: Pointer Events Polyfill: a unified event system for the web platform

I don’t see that browser on caniuse, but curious if touch-action is supported:
“touch-action” | Can I use… Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Perhaps related.

I just looked for a while but couldnt find an example, but ive seen many games include some asian brand specific fix for touch events.