Nothing happens when you click Grid

Hello, I want to click the pink template (Grid) pop-up prompt, but it does not play any role in the mobile terminal, does anyone know what is the matter, yesterday morning in the mobile terminal click and still respond, afternoon not work.

Does anybody know the answer? :sob:

On a laptop I found that it does work but there is a very long delay before the alert appears.

There was an update affecting Grid by @carolhmj yesterday.

I have the same on desktop. But then, are you sure pointer interactions are implemented for the grid container on mobile? I believe the fix above is following my feedback to solve an issue affecting the GUI Editor. I’m just not sure this is related.

The following implies an answer of - it should work on a mobile.

Oh. I should may be learn to read the text :flushed: :wink: My apologies for that.

I believe it is not a delay. The event is only triggered when the pointer is out of the canvas bounds.

@carolhmj , got time to check that?

Hello everyone,
As far as I checked everything works on the desktop (click) event. It looks like there is some delay, the alert is being shown after few seconds - it doesn’t work immediately but it works.
For the mobile event (touch) it doesn’t work at all - the alert is not being shown. There is also no error in the console (I was checking in the browser in emulation mode).
While debugging I saw that in each case the event goes to the same internal function - this._pointerDownEvent but then it goes into react/jquery internal minified code and the result is - for the mobile touch event it doesn’t trigger the alert.

I think this is an old issue I reported to Darragh, but I’m not sure if it was fully investigated/fixed. I’ll add it to my to-do list.

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Hi, this was caused by an unintended side-effect of a previous fix, it has been adjusted properly here! Store which pointerIds have been captured by the ADV so those are the… by carolhmj · Pull Request #12896 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (