Babylon Js Maya Exporter Not Exporting Animations

Hi guys, I’ve been working on some avatar characters with animations
I’m stuck in the export process, Babylon Js Maya plugin is not exporting animations it only export mesh in GLB format but not in other formats, In GlTF texture doesn’t appear it shows all black with checkers
Character - rigged and animated in maya
I’ve also tried testing with Maximo character with Maximo rigs & animation but it still doesn’t work

Does anyone knows how to export animations from maya using Babylon plugin because I also want to export facial animation, which is in blend shapes…

Does Babylon exporter export blend shapes?

Please help

cc @PatrickRyan and @PirateJC our in house artists

@vizvakarman, can you provide us with a reproduction of the problem? And can you tell us what version of Maya and what version of the exporter you are using? I use the Maya exporter every week and I am able to export animations, textures, morph targets, etc without problems. At the minimum, make sure you have the options checked for export skins, export morph target normals, and export animations (highlighted by the blue arrows below) to make sure you have everything you need for animation export.


@PatrickRyan I’m using MAYA 2020.4 & Babylon exporter v20220923.2

Below screenshot is what i get when exporting everytime in glb or gltf format, It says no animation data it is ignored.

@vizvakarman, then I think we would need to take a look at a sample file. Can you share a simple file that reproduces your problem - even a cube animating at the node level if this reproduces the problem - with us so we can take a look? It’s hard to debug what may be happening in Maya without seeing a bit more.

@PatrickRyan I just tried animating a cube in maya along with blend shape & when I export this it works perfectly but when I export rigged character it doesn’t export animations.
I can share my character maya file or fbx you can have a look at

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If you can either post a link here, or in a private message if your asset is not publicly sharable, I will take a look.

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