Joint-Based Animation Not Working when using Maya Exporter

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, I’m not a .js developer, nor do I have advanced animation skills in Maya, so please bare with me and my archaic terminology.

I was given a Maya file with a joint-based simple animation of a greenhouse cover. You can grab the .ma here: Dropbox - GLTF - Simplify your life

When trying to export to GLTF via the Babylon exporter plugin, the animation simply doesn’t work. I’ve tried to bake out all components to keys that I think might hinder the exporter from working.

Could someone please advise on how to make this work, and educate me on the overall process a bit?

Thanks so much in advance.

So sorry… that’s somehow not the correct Dropbox link. Not sure how that happened.

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier

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what do you mean by simply doesn’t work ? on my side the animation is working but i have some issue with the morph target and the resulted mesh… do you use the last version of the exporter ?

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Hi Guillaume, thanks for the reply.

I mean nothing moves.

And yes, I think I’m using the latest version of the exporter. However I am on Maya '22, and there doesn’t seem to be an exporter yet for it. I updated to the latest version a couple days ago.

Hello, i just updated the maya exporter for 2022 yesterday, but we still to have to work on the installer part. So you may use 2020 until next week. In the mean time i will work on the morph target issue. i will keep you update.

Really appreciate it @Guillaume_Pelletier ! Yes, I do remember those errors, when I was trying to bake out to FBX also. I can send you those, if that might help.


Hi @Guillaume_Pelletier, any updates on this? Thanks!


hey, i’m on it but did not figure yet what wrong with the animated mesh

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