Babylon Js services

:star2: Introducing Our Babylon.js Services: Unlock the Power of 3D Web Development! :rocket:

Hire experienced Babylon.js developers at a competitive price through us. Take your projects to new dimensions with immersive 3D experiences. Explore more at
Looking forward to working with you!


NOTE: We are not affiliated with the core Babylon.js development team.

Very cool! If I may suggest, you could detail the business model/pricing/free trial period a bit more here on the post, as people might not click on the webpage link and miss the information :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, why not.
Thank you for your suggestion. :blush:

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It would be cool to see some work examples too.


Sounds interesting, Good luck! :slight_smile:

Two small critiques,

  • The website have some HTML element title issues when hovering images/icons.
  • The naming and how it’s used could make it sound like it’s one of the core babylon team members that can be hired. especially when seen with multilingual eyes.


Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Some examples from the best ones. Yes, I"d like to see some too. :see_no_evil:

As a com specialist, I think since the name of the company is ‘babylon squad’, this form shouldn’t be a problem (from a legal perspective). In this case, I would just say “fair enough” :wink:

@BabylonSquad This of course, assuming you checked and double-checked that you can include the name of ‘Babylon’ in your company/brand name? I won’t do it for you but in case you are in doubt, you can just quickly ask the com team @PirateJC @PatrickRyan

Whilst, I’m here and quickly visited the site, I would have another comment, adding to the one above of “show examples” to which I would add my +1 :+1:.

The other small comment of mine is about NDA. It’s good that you care about confidentiality and make it a standard in your company. However, the way you state it here, looks to me like you are turning tables. Where, in reality (in business), it’s your client that might add the condition of having your company sign THEIR NDA for a project. As part of the client company rules. And then when it comes to NDA for a somewhat renown company, it is very unlikely that the terms and conditions of your standard version will be accepted as is. From a personal experience. Take it or leave it.
Meanwhile, GL with your new biz and have a great day :sunglasses:

Hey @PirateJC @PatrickRyan, is there a problem if we use the name ‘BabylonSquad’ for our team?

@BabylonSquad, there is no issue with the use of the word “Babylon” for your team as we do not have a trademark on that word and the engine is formally called Babylon.js. I would suggest using caution around the Babylon.js identity in connection with your company as that is a trademark for the engine. You should also be clear in your descriptions of your team that you are not affiliated with the core Babylon.js development team in any way.

The issue here is that if someone confuses your team with the core Babylon team, any statements your team makes could be misconstrued by Babylon.js customers as coming from the core development team. For example, if you decide to create a fork of the engine for one of your customers and share a social media post about making a large change to that fork of the engine (it’s open source after all, you can do whatever you like to the code), our customers could become confused that features their experience relies upon may be removed or changed.

For the sake of clarity, you will just need to be mindful of being clear your team is not the core development team for the engine and only using the branding for the engine in appropriate ways. For example using the logo on a page talking about the engine is fine because it is appropriate to the content. Using the logo on a page talking about your team would not be appropriate because it is subtly suggesting a connection between your team and the engine.

From a branding standpoint for your company, one thing that springs to my mind is that tying your company name to a specific piece of tech is always risky. Changing your company name and branding after you start getting brand recognition comes at a high cost and if you decide to branch out in the future to use different tech or decide all together not to use Babylon.js as your engine of choice in the future, you may be in for a rebranding exercise. You could be better served with a more tech-agnostic name, but there is no problem with using Babylon in your company name so long as you follow the guidance above.


Understood and acknowledged. Our team is solely dedicated to providing Babylon.js services, without any intention of leveraging the Babylon.js branding for our own benefit. We assure you that we will exercise caution to avoid any misrepresentation of your work as ours and refrain from gaining undue advantage from it.

We genuinely value your feedback, and please be assured that all your input will be carefully considered as we move forward. We look forward to potential future collaboration.

Thank you for taking some of your time to reply. :blush:

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@BabylonSquad - I’ll add my thoughts to this as well.

First and most importantly. AWESOME! This is so cool that you’re building a company dedicated to providing Babylon.js services to those who might need it. On behalf of the entire dev team I’ll say that we think this is super cool and are excited for you and wish you much success!

On the subject of using the name Babylon in your company name, I think @PatrickRyan’s comments are clear and correct.

There is one piece that I’ll re-emphasize:

It will be important for you to differentiate your services from those of the core development team behind Babylon.

In the most simple terms you will want to communicate that your services are utilizing the Babylon.js technology platform to bring ideas to life on the web and beyond.

That is different than the mission of the core dev team which is to create the Babylon.js technology platform so that it can be utilized by people/organizations to bring ideas to life on the web and beyond.

Hope that helps.