Random flickering screen on Firefox / Windows

From time to time, I am getting flickering screen as in the attached video

So far I have seen this issue only in Firefox.
My scene is pretty simple, it contains

  • background dome
  • video texture
  • ui button (but I am getting flickering when there is no button)


  • there is no error on console
  • flickering happens when console is not open also
  • the video texture covers only small portion of the screen while the whole screen becomes black

let me know how this issue can be addressed
thank you,

I wonder if it could be a driver issue :frowning: could you try to create a mozilla bug to be sure they have a look ?

yes, I will submit a mozilla bug.
Meanwhile I noticed that if I do not use my shader to remove the greenscreen, I do not see flickering so far…

Here is a link to playground where I am using the same shader as in the original post
(I convert the input rgb to hsv and check if I am within tolerance from the chroma)

I am wondering if I am doing something “illegal” in the fragment shader.
I remember long time ago, I ran into a problems in Maya’s custom shader when I introduced too many variables in it. Maybe there are similar limitations in shaders here too?

not seeing anything there :frowning:

I am getting more inclined to say that it is a mozilla bug. First of all, so far I have seen this only in Firefox. Besides that, I can “fix” by closing / opening developers’ console panel (pressing F12)