Flickering with XE Graphics


We been doing some testing with and it seems that with these specs


babylonjs flickers in random like:

Here is the playground we used for testing:

It seems that XE graphics is the issue. Older drivers used to fix the issue however its not working anymore.

Is there any solutions or workarounds to prevent this flickering?

would be a bit hard to debug, as I doubt any of the team has an Xe. is it the same on all browsers? or is it browser-specific?

I couldn’t replicated in firefox but in chorme it is definitely present

might be a driver issue or chrome itself. Sorry, i can’t think of a way to solve that. None of the team members have an Xe, so we can’t reproduce that as well. As a side note - I have a device with an Intel HD 630, which renders correctly.
@sebavan has more experience when it comes to driver issues, maybe he has some input here?

You should open an issue in the chromium bug tracker :frowning:

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