Babylon Native N-API Lag (Android)

I passed AR core data to Babylon Native using N-API(same as that done with InputManager for android touch points). But any data change in C++ is observed in Javascript using onBeforeRenderObservable. Since onBeforeRenderObservable is invoked only before render the frame, I can’t get the new value immediately when the value changes and creates a lag.
Is there any way to notify JS when any value changes in C++?

Pinging @bghgary or @cedric

I’m not sure what this means. Using N-API, as long as you are on the JavaScript thread, you can communicate back and forth between C++ and JS as you wish. Can you elaborate?

Yes, but C++ to JS communication shows a delay of 10 - 30 milliseconds.

Can you be more specific? What are you doing exactly?