Babylon out of memory

As the screenshot shows, how can I find the code that caused the memory overflow.

That’s a very abstract question, as no code was presented, only a list of arrays.

I can say this thou - Babylon was optimized as much as we could. There is probably very little chance that those arrays were created directly by Babylon itself. Search in your code any “new” call and see if you are calling it where it is possible to reuse objects instead.

I think I have the same problem as this post.

What version of babylon are you using?


Have you tried the latest 4.2? is it still acting the same? According to the post you submitted, this was fixed already.

My scene is a lot of mesh. Freezeactive meshes can optimize the scene very well. But it seems that using it will cause instance disappearance and memory leak.

I’ll test it now.

If you can reproduce this it will be awesome.

4.2.0-alpha.35 is used; it will still be; it won’t if freezeactivemeshes is not enabled. It can’t be reproduced. It’s too big.

Will be hard to help without knowing what the problem is or at least a reproduction, even on a smaller scale.

I think I’ll find a way to reproduce it.


I think I can reproduce the problem. It seems that glowlayer and freezeactivemeshes cannot be used together.

Memory has been growing.

dupplicate of Performance optimization for activeMeshes / memory leak issue with freezeActiveMeshes

I ll only answer there to prevent confusion.