Babylon Post-Effect Designer App

What’s up everyone,

I have been working on a post effect designing tool recently. It helps me save a lot of time editing post effects for my other projects. So I think it would be great if it could help you too!

Here is the link to it :
Babylon PostEffect Designer
Github repo


  • Export/Import post effect data
  • Load custom model from url
  • Multisample/Fast Anti-Aliasing
  • Tone Mapping, Contrast, Exposure
  • Full control of Glow Layer
  • Full control of Color Curves(saturation, hue, density)
  • Full control of Direction Light(color selection, intensity, direction, height)
  • Directional light auto shifting
  • Skybox color selection
  • Full control of Bloom(kernel, weight, threshold, scale)
  • Full control of Depth of Field(blur, level, focus distance, F-stop, focal length)
  • Full control of Chromatic Aberration(ammount, radical intensity, direction)
  • Full control of Sharpen(edge amount, color ammount)
  • Full control of Vignette(multiply, color selection, weight)
  • Full control of Grain(intensity, animated)

Here are some pictures:


Plz feel free to let me know if you want any new features on it!

First, let me congrat you for this amazing work :heart_eyes: you did on this. I can understand how it can ease this process and why you did this.

Next, I have just one small concern about this florishing of editors and tools we are seeing lately for BJS and I’m questionning myself (high level): “Shouldn’t we rather put our efforts in improving the original (the inspector)?” In the end, most features are more or less a repro of the inspector and in the end, parts such as to manage the rendering order, layerMasks and advanced features are still missing. I don’t know, I’m just wondering what path we should take here?

Thank you!

From my perspective, you may put more priorities on the advanced features, since they are the hardcore parts that me, as a community member, can hardly engage.

TBH, the inspector is already very powerful, but could be overwhelming for a new user to navigate since there are so many features stacking together. On the other hand, my editor, and maybe others also, is more like a toolset that optimized specifically for a group of functions(post effect, for example).

As a user came from game engines like Unity, where community tools are flourishing, I think there are too many details for you to handle regarding inspector’s usability. And that could consume a large amount of your time and energy to handle all of them. As a result, I suggest, go get the cool new features :sunglasses: and let us handle the rest!:smile: We won’t let you down!


This is awesome! Although you can do many of these things with Inspector, the UI is optimized better for the purpose of messing with PP effects, so it can be more useful in those authoring situations.

You have have a Twitter handle @Harvey_Li ? I wanna tweet this out, happy to tag you if you’ve got one!


Glad you like it! Here is my twitter,

cc @PirateJC ! this is a must see

Quite impressive work @Harvey_Li !

This is very cool! Having more tooling options is always great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is VERY cool!