Babylon renders scene differently locally compared to Github Actions

Hello, I have a setup where I run some 3D tests on a Babylon scene by taking snapshots of it and comparing those images to some references. It seems like when I render the scene locally I get a result which is different from when the scene gets rendered in Github Actions using Docker.

I noticed that when antialias is turned on there are 1757 pixels that differ while when antialias is turned off the pixels difference goes to 414. I tried also changing the setHardwareScalingLevel parameter to some constant value or tried setting adaptToDeviceRatio to true but I get no improvements. The resolution of the snapshots is the same so that shouldn’t be a factor.

Is there any other parameter I should change that might lead to differences when rendering the same scene on different operative systems / devices?


That might be related to the GPU emulation in the machine running the simulations online. An internal fun-fact - we use firefox for our visualization tests, because chrome’s emulated driver renders the scene differently. I assume this is the case here, but without more information on how you run these tests, it is hard to know.

Ok, thanks. I will give it a go and let you know how it goes.

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