Babylon Sandbox: Uploading custom HDRI makes parts of the model disappear


We’ve recently stumbled upon a visibility bug when using Babylon Sandbox ((

Using any custom .hdr file to light a scene in Babylon Sandbox (by drag and dropping the .hdr file into a scene) makes parts of an uploaded model (and in some cases the whole model) disappear. Going into the “Textures” menu and clicking on any textures is currently a workaround to make all parts of the model visible again.

This PR will fix the problem:

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Thank you!

Hi again! I see that the Github PR has now been merged. Does it usually take a while before the Babylon Sandbox tool is updated to use the new code? When running some tests, the HDRI bug is still present. Not familiar with the timeframes and usual bugfix/update workflow, would love to get some insight!

When a PR is merged, it’s available in the Playground / Sandbox the next day.

I just tested in the sandbox and it did work for me.

Do you have a model + .hdr files I could test?

Works for me as well now! I probably checked right before the update was rolled out.

Thank you again for the code and insight!