Babylon Toolkit: Available Updates

Stable versions of the Babylon Unity Exporter used for commercial development are available. The Unity 2021 And 2022 LTS versions use BabylonJS Version 5. The Unity 2023 builds use BabylonJS Version 6

All the toolkits still use Bullet/Ammo physics until the Havok plugin supports Terrain Heightmaps, Kinematic Character Controllers and Raycast Wheeled Vehicles

The website ( used to purchase Pro Developer licenses and the updated docs are not available yet.

But if you really want to get started anyways you can download one of the toolkit builds now. It will run in Standard Edition mode until you generate a project license using your developer id and email.

You can use PayPal Subscriptions directly in the meantime to purchase Pro Tools license:

The indie license will only allow a single Unity developer email to build pro projects.

The small business license allows multiple developers Unity developer emails to build projects.

The premium content is a small business license that also has access to my premium packages out of the box. (Networking, Dynamic Avatars And Advanced Driving Systems… More to come)

Large enterprise companies will require an Enterprise License (Contact Me)

Current Intro Pricing (May be subject to change)

Indie - $99.00

Small Business - $199.00

Premium Content - $299.00

Contact me ( after you get your license and i will send you the optional pro starter content. I few classes I created for pro developers to help kick start your pro projects