Babylon Toolkit (Unity Exporter) shortcomings


Question specifically for @MackeyK24, which might end up being useful for others as well:

I’m pretty new to Babylon and I’ve tested the Babylon Editor, but in my experience it’s super buggy (at least the macOS version). And coming from some years of Unity experience, your Babylon Toolkit seems like a perfect solution.
I’ve got a middle - big project to tackle and from the features listed as supported on the toolkit it seems that everything I need is there. So the actual question: What are the Toolkit’s shortcomings ? I’m asking because while researching I’ve found this from you on an issue posted on the Toolkit’s Github repo:

FYI… I was loosing my motivation to continue the Babylon Toolkit (Cant get folks to help me code out a few things to make it really work)

So i started on a new project. Making a Next Gen Scene content exporter using industry standard GLTF with Extra Unity Metadata. I get so much better results converting unity content using the GLTF 2.0 spec than i did using the Babylon Entities DLL

As well here in the forums you’ve replied to a topic about exporting shadows:

basically for now… I would just create a script component and setup the Shadow Map Generator yourself in your script component… I know it sucks, but that all i can think of for you to do WITHOUT my new Pro Toolkit (Which is not ready for public yet… Sorry)

So, what’s not really working with the exporter ? Is it just about exporting things like shadows out of the box ? Because if it’s about things like that and those things can be overcome by accessing directly Babylon’s API, then the Toolkit is still an incredible useful tool.

Would’ve loved to offer my help with it, but it seems you’re about a year into working on the project that’s going to replace it eventually.

Thanks a lot,


Hello and welcome!

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Yes… I’m still supporting the Babylon Toolkit. I am still kinda working on the new version that is GLTF based.

The first or current version was more of a proof of concept version. I never did get ANYONE to actually contribute any code. But I eventually figured out most of the items myself or got some kind of advice from the community on how to handle some things.

I am no really putting any resources into the legacy toolkit. All my resources going into new toolkit. Which I hope to release shortly after The Babylon 4.1 Release

I going try and make a Babylon Toolkit Technology Preview video and talk about the big differences between the old toolkit and the new upcoming GLTF based toolkit and the major script component changes…

Trust me, if you like the current toolkit, you will love the new toolkit… Especially if you go for my new Pro Feature Addon


That’d be great, looking forward to it !

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I hope everyone’s keeping safe and well.

I’ve been using this time to get my head around the Unity Exporter and update my portfolio. I was hoping to target the new 4.1 release. I’ll keep playing around, but does anyone know a quick way to achieve this?



Im still working on getting a 4.2 preview for my new toolkit.

FYI… these are some demo scenes driving physics and mechanics for need for speed style racing game.

All made with my new Babylon Toolkit and the Pro Tools i made for 4.2

Demo Racing Scene… Early Alpha

I will let you know when i get a 4.2 Beta Toolkit Ready


Thanks for all your hard work. Already aware of the speedway. it’s nuts!


but I meant export from unity to target Babylon 4.1 - instead of 4.0.3.

Or would it be easier at this stage to export GLTF from C4D and just code in JS (my current workflow)

You could always manually update your babylon.js script file in the assets/babylon/library folder

Yeah, was a stupid question! ha, sorry.

I ended up going a different way in the end, but still periodically check for movement - as I think this is a really cool tool to have in the arsenal going forward.

How’ve you been? Hopefully keeping safe, but also… anything to share with us all? :stuck_out_tongue: