Babylon Website ( games section has broken URLs

As the title says, two of the links on the games page are broken. The Assasin’s Creed Pirates Race is no longer running/supported and the 3D packman game fails to load, giving me a 522 (Timed Out) after loading for a while. Here are some screenshots:

Maybe you could replace one of the broken ones with my game?

I agree that section needs some maintenance or maybe redesign. Would be nice to have a place to post games.
I tried your game in single player mode but after starting it nothing happens.

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Ping @PirateJC

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Have you tried moving yet (WASD)? Here is a quick video showing it works:

Also the canvas needs to have focus (your cursor will be hidden)

I can see only the screen with stars but nothing is moving with controls. Checked on win chrome and edge.
I selected New, entered name and hit start.

Have you checked the console? There might be an error. If so, you can report bugs here.

I reported the issue on github. Cant load the model corvette.gltf

Yes we definitely need to look at all of our links on the game page AND community page and clean this up. Thanks for flagging this!