Safari 15.0 breaks every BabylonJS application

Hey guys, this is quite serious. After I upgraded to Safari Version 15.0 (16612., 16612), none of the sites that uses BabylonJS resource would work or load. It will say “a problem repeatedly occurred with …”
Console log → nothing shows.

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This is insane, I can repro with currently no clue of what is happening… I hate when they do this !!!

We ll have a look ASAP


@Cedric would be so cool if you could have a look tomorrow morning. I will let you know if I figure smthg before .


Workaround in PR : Fix Safari 15... by sebavan · Pull Request #11121 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub Definitely a bug on their side.


No more crashes when I enabled Develop → Experimental Features → GPU Process: WebGL :eyes:

Seems like the sandbox is running fine so far. But the preview builds are not really an option for me. @sebavan Could you push the fix to npm as well?

Turn on the Experimental Features works but is not an option because i can’t tell my customers to turn it on.

I integrated Babylon in an Angular 11 app any suggestions

in your engine constructor, just pass xrCompatible: false as part of the options (3rd param)


@sebavan thx a lot you are al livesaver :slight_smile:

@sebavan Can you say a bit more about the exact implications of this setting? My understanding is that if there is no WebXR functionality in a project, xrCompatible can be safely set to false, is that correct?

You are correct, just a bug on their end.

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My “use-free” reaction was: The court case was done, back to normal. :grin:

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