Babylon5: Bing Maps 3D Landmark

Hi everyone and congratulations for the wonderful updates in Babylon5!

I have a question.
In the Babylon5 trailer (Babylon.js 5 Trailer - YouTube) you announced the “Bing Maps 3D Landmark”.
From the trailer, it seems that it’s now possible to use the Bing 3D maps. Am I wrong?
We did some research, but we have been able to find only documentation about this online tool:
Bing map 3d terrain to babylonjs
Bing map 3d terrain to babylonjs - YouTube
The tool works well in obtaining the landscape (mountains, rivers, …) but it seems unable to provide information about the buildings and seems a different resource compared to the one shown in the trailer.
Am I missing anything here?
Thanks a lot and … you rock! :slight_smile:

Hi , FastBingmap can only obtain altitude data and static map. These data come from the open interface of Bing map. You can get the content you want under this address. Get Elevations - Bing Maps | Microsoft Docs

At present, I have not found the data related to ground buildings, which may be a closed content. :smiley:

Hi and congratulations for your tool that is quite amazing :clap:
The content shown in the trailer (Babylon.js 5 Trailer - YouTube) refers to the tool that you are developing or is referred to something different (maybe a limited set of locations)?
Thanks for the effort you are putting into this development.
I believe that obtaining ‘real 3D cities’ would be a game changer in many applications.

The one shown in the video is a different tool. It should be the cooperation between babylonjs and Bing map. It has nothing to do with fastbingmap. I’m sorry it makes you misunderstand. :joy:

Yes, this was an example of one application that used Babylon.js with success :slight_smile: @RaananW worked on it, if you’d like to ask him about it

Here is an example - Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more

The bing maps team are awesome :slight_smile:

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@carolhmj @RaananW You rock! :pray:
@RaananW Is there a hint on when this awesome feature may be available with Babylon5? Any idea of what will be the coverage of the main cities (10, 100, 1000?)
We are working in reproducing some city areas using photogrammetry but for our purposes, having already 3D city models (GLB) to be used in conjunction with Babylon would be a game changer!
Maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of this development but I understood that it will be possible to obtain some 3D Maps of cities as a form of add on to Babylon. Am I totally in wishful thinking?
Thanks, you inspire us!

This will not be available with babylon, it is using babylon 5.0 under the hood to deliver those wonderful results.
The data comes from bing maps itself, and we at babylon can’t provide any of it

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Ok, ok.
I was misled by the trailer that was showcasing the new features of Babylon5.
So I guess that in that context it was more a showcase of potential applications rather than a real new feature.
Thanks for clarifying

I get the confusion. But Babylon is a framework, an engine. It doesn’t have a first-person shooter character implementation but gives you the tools to do that. same thing to flipgrid’s background removal, bing map’s 3D cities implementation, and the waves using WebGPU. We don’t provide the “waves” class. We do, however, provide the tools to do that. And the example in the playground when we can :slight_smile:

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