How can i export MapsSDK-Unity city model in glb or fbx format for babylonjs?


Can anyone please help. How i can export city view as glb or fbx model from MapsSDK-Unity
Same as shown in the trailer video

if its Unity, you might be able to use the toolkit to export this fairly close to 1 for 1 depending on how its constructed.

If its using special shaders, you will be SOL unless you convert them to webGL.

What do you think @MackeyK24?

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Could not support this because it has been deprecated by google

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I do not think there are any plans so far for the bing maps data to be accessible.

Let s add @BrianK in case he has more info.

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Hi, yeah that’s correct. There is no support for exporting meshes or any plans for that :frowning:

The views from the trailer are of course built with the awesome Babylon.js. There’s many more of these 3D landmarks on the Bing Maps website, you just have to find them :slight_smile:

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