babylonBone get error without any changes

i use this link

<script src=""></script>
 const data = await  BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync("", dir,  path+"?"+new Date().getTime(), scene);
 const meshes = data.meshes;

that work fine 2 month ego but some way that broken without changing any code from local side

but get this error
babylonBone ._updateAbsoluteBindMatrices is not a function

also can i find the old version of babylonloader

All versions are here - babylonjs-loaders - npm

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Are you sure of the error?

_updateDifferenceMatrix has been renamed _updateAbsoluteBindMatrices lately.

Sorry if this broke some of your code, but this method is an internal method that is not intended to be called by end users, so we can change the name / signature of such methods without notification.

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he @Evgeni_Popov i guess some parametare be replaced on final function ( ** rooturl ) may be not filled in Gltf Loader ( i used the url for loader ) but for now i use older version

if that happend for me that can be happend in other project too

i try make sample show the error