Babylonjs and Pixijs

Hello, we have a problem now.When Babylon was combined with the Pixijs, there was a problem with the 3D model rendering, and the skeleton animation of the model was seriously affected.When the pixijs reference includes render is commented out, the model rendering and animation will return to normal.Who can help me think?


Hi @senray0 and welcome to the forum. Have you see this How to combine Babylon.js and Pixi.js - Babylon.js Documentation?

A jsfiddle would be useful. In this case (as in most cases) a description of the problem by itself is not sufficient to provide an attempt at a solution.

Thank you for your address, which is very helpful to me.But now the problem I’m having seems to have something to do with Unity3D export, any entity that’s exported in Unity3D is going to have a problem with the pixijs combined, including those Unity exported models in Babylon’s official website.

As before