With pixi.js5.1.5 babylonjs render error

Hello, we met a problem now.In Babylon, combined with Pixijs, there was a problem in rendering 3 d model, model of skeletal animation is also affected by the serious.When include pixijs reference rendering comment out model rendering and animation will return to normal.Could you tell me what is the cause?

The successful output is like this

pinging @sebavan who is our pixi champion :slight_smile:

I agree with you that ‘successful output’ looks better :sweat_smile:
Take a look at this, maybe you’ll find something usefull.

Here is an working example from above threat https://jsfiddle.net/eL8ucab7/

If it still not work for you, then we need a repo :slight_smile:

can you share a repro in the PG or somewhere?

As @MarianG mentioned, you need to reset the states in between both renders which is what solved the issue on the linked thread.