AR on web on IOS?

I understand that ios does not support webXR, but is there some other library or SDK available that can be used with or without Babylon to display interactive ar content in ios

ping @RaananW

there are many different ar libraries out there that do support iOS (as they run their own algorithms). 8th wall is one of them, zapper is another. There are more :slight_smile:

They usually require some form of subscription.

You can also try Babylon Native or Babylon React Native unless you have to use a browser.

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I tried using Babylon Native but since I dont own a mac it wont be possible to build for IOS.
I made a osX vm and tried building on that but quickly gave up as everything was taking a lot of time and I had no experience in xcode or ios development.

Are you aware of some library that has one-time payment option?

Sorry, i don’t know anything shoot the payment plans of the different platforms. But TBH it’s probably not a one time payment, but a monthly subscription