Babylonjs Editor broken collision detection

I am not sure if this is a bug. If you take a glb / gltf file and load it on to the bjs editor and then export it as another glb file and use it for collisions, the collisions end up being messed up. In other words, importing and then exporting a glb file through the editor causes the “moveWithCollisions” command to mess up and the meshes sometimes eat up my player. I am using the 4.0.0 rc-1 version. Is this a bug or am I messing something up elsewhere?

You should check with 4.2.0 first just to see if it still reproes as plenty of things have been improved since 4.0.

Also adding @julien-moreau the daddy of the editor to see if he has an idea.

@sebavan When I go the the babylonjs editor website, I can only find the download for the 4.0.0 rc-1 version. Am I at the wrong website or looking at the wrong place?

nw @julien-moreau might be able to provide more info soon

Hey @trigangle you are right the lastest version of the editor is the 4.0.0-rc.1 and it is using BabylonJS 4.2.0 so that’s all good.

Anyway the only thing the editor does when it exports to gltf or glb is to call the GLTF Serializer class provided by BabylonJS. As a first ste, would it be possible to reproduce on the playground without using the editor? I not reproduced, I’ll check on my side

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