Problem with import glb and collisions

I’ve been trying to bring in my own glb models, but I’m having some issues with collision. Check out this playground, once I hit a wall I’m done for :see_no_evil:

Is this simply an issue with my model? I’m using the Khronos giTF exporter from SketchUp. I was hoping to create a nice walkthrough for a house model, but first experiments lead to these weird collision issue.

Seems that was some issue with the code. I had no time to check your PG (I presume there is some mistake) but here is the PG with your model - , seems it is OK with collisions.

Thanks @labris ! I will look over my code again and see if I can spot the issue. :+1:

[edit] It looks like the ground you added seems to be key to getting this to work. Maybe my camera/ellipsoid was somehow getting stuck in my model. Placing a floor under my model’s floor does the trick. This is totally workable for me. Thanks again!

[edit] After some further investigation it seems that the problem might have been in the way I was scaling my model. If I remove all scaling it works fine. I’m marking this as solved :wink:

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