BabylonJS with ARnft augmented reality

A fun AR character demo. Created with ARnft and BabylonJS. You can play here




cc @PirateJC / @RaananW FYI

@eddie_romper - Oh this looks super cool!

I tried it on my phone, but Woody never showed up? Does he take a while to load in?

Yeah, It does take some time to load. What mobile phone you are using?

Thank you,

You wouldn’t believe it, but I managed to break (!!) my one smartphone with AR support. It is being repaired as we speak, so I can’t test it…

From the pictures it looks great! :slight_smile: I will make sure to test it when i get my S10 back.

If you are using IOS? I just tested it and it only works on the Safari browser.

Ah! That’s probably my problem. I’ll try again

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“Reach for the sky” :wink: I love Pixar so much. This is adorable.

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Thank you @eddie_romper to show this! We will improve ARnft thanks to you! :smiley:

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I would love to learn about this. You can provide guidance or help to do this. Thank you very much!!!

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