Babyplots - A 3D Plotting Library

Hi everybody!
I’m happy to share with you a passion project that I have been working on for well over a year:

babyplots is an easy to use plotting library, to create interactive 3-dimensional visualizations. It is available as a javascript/typescript library, an R package, an interactive node-based creator and as an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. A python implementation is on its way.

Check it out here:

The website not only serves as a place for the show-cases and the documentations, but also as a way to publish plots created with the library, to easily share them with others as well as to embed them in web-pages as well as PowerPoint presentations.

A couple of screenshots (of course they look better in 3D :smile: ):




As a little history: In my line of work (bioinformatics) we regularly deal with high-dimensional data, visualizing it, however, in only 2-dimensional plots. I noticed that a lot of information is lost and could be recovered when using one extra dimension. I was unhappy with the available solutions for 3D plotting and decided to create babyplots. Babylon.js was a perfect fit because of its amazing performance: our plots regularly need to show over 100,000 data points. As I was working on the library, another problem arose: how do I share the plots with my co-workers, or collaborators? Because of this, I started working on the website and the PowerPoint add-in. Now babyplots is finally in a state that I feel comfortable sharing it to the world.

Let me know what you think, and who knows, it might even be useful for you.


That is freaking cool!

@PirateJC we need to add it on our references page!!!


Also adding @thomlucc

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Amazing library!

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Nice man!

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Hi @derpylz. I was able to open the site and I find Babyplots very nice :+1:

Heads up, the server started giving me 500 internal server errors and is in this state now.

I am curious about the license of this library and if the source is hosted somewhere (I cannot find “babyplots” on npm or github). Thanks!

Server is working now, and I was able to see the library is hosted there, in minified form only. The included license file includes the licenses of BabylonJS and Chroma, but not Babyplots itself.

I am asking, because I am working on providing high-level API, CDN-hosted, npm-available, MIT-licensed, download-only-what-you-use, library for linked interactive scenes, based on BabylonJS. This would be a very fine capability to include :slight_smile:

I am yet to announce this, but sneak peek, GitHub - atmin/

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Hi @atmin! Thanks for your interest! The babyplots source repository is currently private and the license is not yet finalised. However, I will likely make it public in the next few days.

Your project sounds exiting. I’d be happy to help with any questions you might have with the babyplots library. Let’s move this discussion to the babyplots discord channel.

Thank you so much! I’ll be available in Babyplots Discord for specific discussion.

Is it possible to achieve this kind of result using Babyplots?


Hi! This type of plot is currently not implemented in babyplots. We currently have 3d point clouds, shape clouds, surfaces, heat maps and image stacks. You can see the features of babyplots at its homepage (linked in the top post).

I could possibly implement something like this in the future, but it’s not on the current road map.