Baked Blender animation does not load last frame

Hello, I have this blender animation an as you see on frame 72 the locks are touching the weight.

If I load this in the babylon sandbox on the last frame the locks are positioned on the second to last frame from blender. Why is that? If I make another frame it shows the second to last frame (locks touching) but does not show the last frame (e.g. the locks flying away in the distance).

I cannot attach a screenshot, because I am a new use, but go and try it on

Here is the gltf

Another thing, why am I getting frames that are floats from 1 to 3. I expected integers from 1 to 72?

To attach the screenshot here for @hidroo
Here is how it looks like in a babylon scene.

The issue is that the locks do not go to the end in babylon, but the do in blender.

They also do go to the end on windows