Maya to Babylon Sandbox Animation Issue

Hello! I was hoping someone here could assist me.

I’m working on a window animation for a client that I want to export as a GLB to be used in Babylon. The animation works fine in Maya, but when I bring it into Babylon, there are major issues.

For one, the crank that opens the window goes all over the place. Also, as the window opens, the metal levers/arms (whatever you want to call them) don’t open in sync with the actual window.

In Maya, I animated the window mesh itself because there was no rig set up with it. I’ve done animations for windows before and they all loaded in fine with Babylon. I’m using Maya 2022 and the Babylon exporter. Nothing seems to be working and I’m really stuck.

I can provide videos and a Maya file if needed.

Any help would be appreciated!


cc @Guillaume_Pelletier and @C_Anim would be great if you could share your Maya file ?

It’s telling me “sorry, new users can’t upload attachments.”

could you share via dropbox or onedrive ? otherwise I ll see how to unlock you on the forum

“Seems” we have a bad translation values for the Top_Slider_Arm, i have to investigate further.
In the mean time, i did test your file using 2020.3 which is the most stable version for the exporter and the result is the same, so it’s not from 2022 version.

That’s odd because Top_Slider_Arm only has a translation on the X-axis and it’s VERY minimal.


I just wanted to check in to see if you found the issue.

Nope, not yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello. Just checking in again to see if you were able to troubleshoot my issue.

Please let me know! Thanks!

This is on my todo list, reaching the top five.