Beginner question. Wanting to create a workstation visualizer

Hi fellas, I’m a beginner who only knows HTML and CSS, all in novice level. I’ve never been motivated enough to learn some JS but now I do, after discovering a project that requires some JS knowledge.

So I’m looking to build a workstation visualizer where people can use it to plan their workstation outlook before proceeding to buy the equipments and build their setups. By workstation I mean battlestation if you are familiar with the term. To avoid complicating the users, I want to limit some of the features such as camera movement, dragging the objects such as furnitures (desk, chair) and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc). I want them to only click the choices of the available options, and their selected option will be placed in a default and fixed position. For example, if you choose a standing desk, the desk will be displayed and positioned in a fixed position, and next when you choose a keyboard, it will be positioned again in a fixed position. Likewise for other objects.

Now let’s talk about the scene or environment (sorry idk what’s the correct term), I want them to choose their choice of environment, in this section I will import a few options where there are options such as dark room, bright room with only natural light, etc. This is good for them to be able to visualize how would their setups look like in reality.

That’s all I can think of fir the features for now. How do I go about building a visualizer with the options above?

Not sure if links are allowed here but this is the reference I have

Thank you!

Edit: If someone offers mentorship for a newbie please do let me know as I am very keen. :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome!

The first question:
Do you have already 3D assets for your project?


I don’t have the 3D assets ready yet, but the assets will be ready soon!

Hi thenotorious and welcome! A great place to start if you’re beginning your BJS/JS journey is the Babylon.js Getting Started tutorial series. It will help you learn the basics of Babylon and JS hopefully without hitting you with a firehouse of information!

Start messing around with the Playground - you can find samples that show almost everything you might want to accomplish. You can set up your scene, tweak, and quickly iterate while you learn

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