Getting started- how do I just make a room I can walk around in?

Hi there! I’m just getting started in babylon with not much coding experience- I’ve made a handful of websites in wordpress/squarespace and taken a few classes, plus done some of the tutorials with babylon to make a cube/sphere spin.

For now I’m hoping to simply create a room I can walk around in- doesn’t need to be fancier than that. Just pointing with the mouse for direction + WASD controls. Is there a tutorial/code anyone can help me out with?

I’m new to this forum so please forgive if I’m not following any best practices. Thank you.

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Hi @BabylonTNG and welcome. Links to the docs that might help.


Thanks for writing this up @JohnK :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have trouble following the docs @BabylonTNG. And welcome to the community!

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Thank you @DarraghBurke and thanks so much for pointing me in that direction @JohnK! Excited to dive in!