Best way to create part of a mesh that acts as a light source

Thread resurrection commence :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing some other things related to lighting. I have however determined to use one of the following solutions:

  1. Use the “lots of lights” demo as a base and try to dynamically turn of lighting when player cannot see them, and also use the includedOnlyMeshes too to battle the lighting limit. However, I’m currently using instancing to create my game map from pieces… And I have problems to get this working. Are there any limitations to this method using instances? If I change the lots of lights -demo to use instancing of spheres instead of cloning, only some spheres are lit… :thinking: See:

  2. Use hemispheric light and add some stencil buffer “lights” to spice up the corridors. For example something like: Wind Waker Style Firefly Lights — polycount or Procedural Pixel Art Fire - YouTube … Do you think these would be possible in Babylon?

  3. Just give up lighting and paint shadows to textures. Such example is here (also using ambient occlusion): Break Room - 3D model by lampy (@lampysprites) [708c30f] - Sketchfab