Achieving a realistic Blender scene in Babylon Sandbox/ Playground

Hi there,

I have modeled an apartment in Blender and set up lighting (both environment and sun) and i im trying to achieve the same photorealism in Babylon as the Blender Render shows.

This is what i have done so far:

  1. Use PBR materials for meshes
  2. Create Lightmaps for each mesh 4k-10k samples (Tried with and without any textures)
  3. Export the blend file to a GLB file and drag it into sandbox
  4. In sandbox i add the lightmaps to the meshes and “use lightmap as shadowmap”

The results im getting is shown in the picture below. Lightmaps are used on floor, wall and ceiling.

As shown, it seems that the lighting is not imported correctly.

I have included the lightmap of the floor below:

So my question now is:

Is it possible to achieve the kind of lighting and realism that Blender (cycles) creates in Babylon?

If so, im definitely doing something wrong. It might be that the pbr textures aren’t receiving enough light from the lightmap? or the transition between converting the blender file to a GLB and using it in babylon?

If you have any other suggestions to as why the lighting isn’t the same, help would be much appreciated :-)!

it all depends on the quality of the baked textures.
what do you use for your environment texture? in my experience the look of the scene depends on the chosen image. i suggest to use hdr images - cinema4d for example is able to render hdr images. You can use the to convert hdr to babylon’s .env file format.

In terms of quality with baked texture, what factors could are affecting it?

Im using a blackbody colorramp and scaled the temperature to 8000 to get a blue-ish environment.

Are you able to achieve the same quality in blender as in babylon :-)?

have you seen this example?

That looks quite realistic! Is that entirely made in Babylon or made in a CG software like blender and then imported?

you absolutely need to bake textures including ambient occlusion / shadows to create a realistic look in my opinion

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Makes sense, is the lighting from that example based on a HDR image :-)?

Hey Robin this is absolutely incredible who made this?

It was created by @nogalo, you can find the original forum link here: Unit21 Visualization - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (