Best way to do fillets / rounded bevels on relatively primitive geometry?

I’ve searched around and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of creating geometry programmatically with fillets / rounded edges.

I’ve looked at CSG but I don’t think that’ll work in this case and I need really clean, predictable mesh topology anyway, which I don’t think CSG can provide.

So I’m thinking I’ll need to create the various pieces, including fillets, using MeshBuilder methods, then merge meshes and merge close vertices.

The sort of geometry I’m needing is filleted elongated boxes, filleted capped hemispheres and filleted capped hemispheric shells (a hemisphere with thickness). That’s it.

Any better ideas than this approach?

My current thinking is to use lathed splines for the various filleted hemispheres and possibly a sphere (radius of fillet) for the filleted elongated box with which I then move each of the quadrant vertices by an offset to give me the filleted box corners.

I think I’m on the right track but open to better suggestions.

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