Better statistics in inspector (avg, min, max)

I’ve been using the debug inspector to optimize my scene, one thing I’ve noticed is that the absolute FPS and performance counters have a lot of variance. What I really want is average and max values (or in the case of FPS, average and min), over the last 1 second. It seems that PerfCounter can already do an average over the last second if not min and max.

If I’m reading the source correctly, currently what happens is every 500ms it updates with the timing information for the last frame only, so the information for the other 29 frames is lost.

Hello you can have your own instrumentation and read the data as you want:

Yes, I just wanted to give some user feedback really, that the inspector statistics pane would be more practical if it showed .lastSecAverage instead of .current, maybe also showing the worst case over the window as well.

Good point…I’ll try it and see how it behaves

Yeah this is definitely better!
Thanks for the suggestion, I will update the inspector!