Big Difference in Material/Environment Behaviour Safari vs Chrome

I hope you can shed some light on this one
See below the comparison to the same product on Mac os Big Sur Safari vs Chrome
I spotted this for the first time but I cannot say if its since updating to Big Sur or it’s just I started using Safari allot more since then that made me spot this.
Perhaps you can shed some light on this?

Running Babylon 4.1

Link to product
you need to rotate the camera a bit to get the same angle I sent

Screenshot Comparisons
Chrome Left and Safari Right



@mimeeq3d_milosz @xmac @Marcin_Zamelski FYI

@Cedric Happy New Year
did you see this? Any ideas what might be causing that or could you point me in the right direction

Hi @mimeeq3d_neal I wish you the best for this year :slight_smile:

I don’t know how I missed your message.
Anyway, top of my head, this can be caused by a difference of webgl version.
I guess webgl1 on safari and webgl2 on chrome. Can you check it’s the case?
If it’s the case, can you also check that you get the same rendering as safari with chrome + webgl1 forced?

I’d like to see if it’s because of webgl1 or because of safari.

Also, babylonjs 4.2 has been released. I don’t know if you plan to upgrade.

No problem @Cedric and thanks for coming back so fast now.

That’s a good question
I will ask @Marcin_Zamelski to check ref WeBGL 1 vs 2 is the issue or it’s purely safari.
He is off till Thursday.

Ref Babylon 4.2. We do however we have to make a long test before updating since we have many connected parts of the whole app and we need to be sure all is working 100%.

Will be back later in the week with an update.

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@Cedric Yes, Safari is using WebGL1.

We tried using WebGL1 at other browsers to verify if it’s related to this.

And I was able to reproduce this issue on Chrome WebGL1.

But Firefox WebGL1 is working correctly.


So I think this issue may be rather with WebKit/Blink than WebGL1 itself.

Do you have an idea about what’s causing this issue @sebavan @Evgeni_Popov ?

It might be due to Safari not interpolating accross cube map faces in webgl… so not much we can do but their move to angle to support webgl2 which should now be real soooon will address it,

thanks all for the help
@sebavan Safari will support webgL2 finally then?

It should… it is now enabled by default in the preview so high hopes… :slight_smile:

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