billboardMode and InstancedMesh problem

When I have a mesh that has a billboard on the Y-axis with instanced mesh. When the billboard is on, it’s instanced mesh would treat the source mesh vector as the origin vector. But when it is removed, the instanced mesh would be the expected positions.

In the playground example, if line 29 is commented, the planes would be shown as expected. Now it looks problematic.

The question is what can I do reset the instanced mesh to the origin? What am I missing?

Thank you in advanced.

Hi P! Thx for the report… interesting discovery!

No fix… but I do a 2-second delay before setting column.billboardMode = BABYLON.Mesh.BILLBOARDMODE_Y; (lines 44-48)

Very strange… instances all move to new positions. (Aside: does column lose edgesRendering at same time? Should it? hmm.)

Recent BJS mods to instances system… might be the area of concern, here. Not sure, stay tuned.

Yeah this is definitely a bug on my side :smiley:
and I found it so it will be fixed in next nightly!

Thanks for reporting it

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No problem.

I didn’t know it was a bug. Anyways I’ll mark this topic as solved.

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