Bitreel viewer 2.0 - high fidelity, fast loading, data driven ( high bandwidth required )

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 10.11.36 PM

I’m happy to be able to show off some of what the team over at Bitreel been working on for nearly 14 months now. ( We have been around more like 2 years but previously on threejs and whole different approach ) These are our best showroom experiences yet and the first using Babylon as the engine. Its mainly myself and @xtxz on the front end and both our first time using it

Check it out here at Ethan Allen ! - best to check out in chrome on windows and safari if macbook. Should work on any browser/platform though :crossed_fingers: ( Except HMD… that is coming )

Huge thanks to the forum community and Babylon team member wizards for all the support and helping us learn and fixing bugs faster than any team out there. It’s really awesome and having worked in Unity and Three before, quite a refreshing place.

This app is extremely download bandwidth heavy, if you are on a lesser connection, I apologize. You might be stuck at lower quality for a while.

Things to try:

  • Check out details view by clicking on a product and then details. AR as well for checking the item out in your space.

  • You can browse/talk with a friend by checking out the option in main menu

  • Explore in the main menu for teleporting between the spaces

  • Double click to quick zoom to an area

  • Map mode in the bottom left

Some things I think are cool:

  • Taking the webpage over with babylon when clicking on element. Embedding these in a webpage is easy as a youtube video

  • We had to build our own ‘streaming’ solution for such fidelity and quick loading speed requirement and memory on lower end devices and mobile. A year and half ago our first version in threejs, streaming provider got bought by amazon. Its been a lot of the work over this time, especially making it work on iPhone :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The ‘viewer’ as it’s referred to, is extremely API driven, nothing is really hardcoded or in json files or anything. Makes things like teleporting spaces a breeze ( Explore button in main menu )

  • Shoutout to @Valentine we have just as much code and tooling if not a heck of a lot more running the backend Houdini bake process(s) to make this all possible and whole team for just that, including @Mikhail. If you think about what you see in the showroom vs we can also see details view of the product… there is a lot going on there during bakes :slight_smile:

  • These spaces designed by a real architect on our team

  • This works on newer iOS and Android devices :astonished:

  • Creating these spaces is very repeatable and we are driving towards full automation someday soon and big upgrades to our CMS for it. Hope to share someday

Big plans ahead for this thing and we have some new clients now who want some more fantastical spaces which will be fun. New UI on the way in near future as well


Holy moly this is INSANE! There was a ton of work and care put into this and it shows! The visual fidelity is so high, it felt like I was walking inside of a photo! @PirateJC we have to tweet this if we can!

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This is so great !!! congrats !!!

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Seriously amazing! It’s fast and absolutely beautiful! Well done! A tweet about it!

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Thanks all ! Hey @PirateJC, that link in tweet is not working


Thank you so much for all your help guys! So excited to finally be able to show it off publicly! :raised_hands:


Ya’ll nailed it! It’s freakin’ GORGEOUS!

@br-matt Thanks for flagging the busted url. I added the direct url in that thread!

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fantastic , plenty work on display here. I wanted to click on the cat… :wink:

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Oh, yes, yes… You are making my day. This is just exactly the type of presentation and quality I needed to try convert a client selling premium and entry luxury furniture. I absolutely LUV IT. I’m just jaleous this is not my project :wink: Else, what more can I say: Just perfect, simply and beautifully perfect :smiley:

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This is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats folks!

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Lookin good! Like how everything has LODs and how populated the environment is.

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There is so much being loaded and disposed at all times. Its a testament to how solid the engine is :muscle:


Just for my understanding, admit I would have a client interested, can I reach out to you Guys?
Would you consider a collaboration on a project for a new client or is this beyond your roadmap?
In case, would you have the resources to make this happen within say 1Y max?
I’m just asking because the base seems to be very solid and the backend too. It would be odd to redo all this work if it already exists. I suppose making good use of this existing base could be a win-win.
Looking forward to your answer. Meanwhile, have a great day,

Edit: I have a presentation to send before the WE (to the leader of premium and entry level luxury furniture and interior design in Switzerland and parts of Europe/WEMEA). Mind if I feature your work in it?

It’s a public site so of course you can demo it to whoever. Far as your question, my hope is within 1Y we are at the platform level where others could use our CMS to create one of these.

I’ll shoot you a message :slight_smile:

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Been in the bunker with the team helping to redo the entire UI for our viewer experience. We have a fun new product ‘SearchMap’ shown below some. Particularly proud that this new SearchMap feature is fully networked when using the coshopping feature and attached to someone!

We are always rolling out small tweaks and enhancements but I think the next major update will be full on VR support but going to be a while :crossed_fingers:


@br-matt this is litterally stunning !!! I wish I d be that good at art

I take no claim for that part. Mostly @Valentine and his team’s amazing backend Houdini process to bake it all into something loadable with a good connection. I hope he gets to present the whole crazy process someday. The products are separate from the shell for one when the whole bake process begins