Bug Bounty by Bitreel

Hey Everyone! Super excited to announce that @br-matt and Bitreel are sponsoring a Babylon.js Bug Bounty!

That’s right!!

If you’re interested in earning a little $$ while working on Babylon.js to better the engine for everyone, then stop what you’re doing and jump on over to this github page!

Huge thank you to Bitreel and @br-matt for setting this up for the community!


Wooohooo! Nice opportunity to get some cash to help with start-of-year bills :rofl:

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Sure is. :money_mouth_face: Did I read 10k for any improvement on the GUI?.. Oops, no, I didn’t. I must have been still dreaming :grin: :rofl: Never mind, if I encounter something suitable, I will make sure to get my ca$h :yum:instead of just sharing my useless experience and low expertise for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your experience is far from being useless @mawa and thanks a lot for sharing all your insights with the community !!! it is deeply appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’ve been helping out Matt and Bitreel for the last few months and I think what they are doing with Babylon is awesome.
They just asked me to come up with a few more ideas to add to the bounties. I have a few:

  • Implement floating origin into the engine directly in a performant way.
  • Make it easer to access to the UBO for the Material Plugin.
  • Create a multi-threaded solid particle system. The solid particle geometry would be stored in a SAB. Every frame the geometry would just be rebound.
  • Ensure RawTexture2DArray support for WebGPU.
  • Improve the audio engine. Add fades, variations, and effects.
  • Improve upon the material library. Maybe make a separate branch for WebGPU only materials.

With all of that please know that I think Babylon is awesome and 99% of the time if I am having a problem with what I am doing it is my fault not Babylon’s’.


Yep! Should continue to allot what is left in the pool to things and maybe leave some buffer left. Hopefully with some community discussion of how its managed and feedback from the experts on level of difficulty for items suggested and liked. Happy to have and PMs as well.


My personal favorites for what it worth :wink:


This crossover event is better than Avengers! :smile:


Oh I’d be happy to take on the IndexedDB one!

(Famous last words…)

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The IndexedDB issue is “on freeze” at the moment, sorry about that…
I’ll let you know if it’s back on the table.

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And to think I’ve already written the foundations for an IndexedDB ‘lite’ library as part of my book lol


Looking for 10 or so more potential issues to be added to the bounty pool and will have a vote here on forums for the best

Anyone is welcome to suggest their own or issues you have seen appear often in forums

@RaananW I know you said at some point you thought there were plenty of low hanging WebXR items left

I can’t use your experience for free? I’m so bummed. kidding of course. Hopefully, we can all find some bugs and make a little bit of money (is it taxed?!). Good luck!

Hi all, I posted my first bug here:

This is me attempting to use the project fresh. No prior experience except for three js. Everything is imported correctly, but it appears to not be working. I tried other examples on Babylon js website and the same error happens.

You sure can… For whatever good it can do to your project :wink:

I suppose it depends on your country. May be below a certain amount, it isn’t. And then, it also depends if you declare it or not. Personally, I don’t really want to try my luck with the authorities so if I make an income I declare it. But that’s just me.

FBX support.

:face_vomiting: … Autodesk have joined the Khronos Group so hopefully fbx will become redundant at the right time in the future. FYI 3ds Max 2023 now supports gltf & glb out-the-box.

Ahhh, IndexedDB is back on the menu :slight_smile:

I will expend about the work in the issue itself later this next week.