BJS GUI svg detached image elements

This is a beyond my expertise, so posting for help. I’m doing perf/mem checks on my app and I noticed this: In the docs, the pg that demonstrates batch loading of SVG images from icon sheet is showing detached html image elements in chrome after heap snapshot. The number of detached is equal to the number of svgs loaded in the PG, see below pic.

I did a control test with an empty PG and it doesn’t appear:

I don’t remember detaching the icons from the dom in the source. Wai or bug ?

So I did more sleuthing and apparently, all bjs images and associated stuff loaded this way are detached. This is a bummer. :frowning:

Why is it a problem ?

They are detached cause we are not placing them in the dom but we still need the img tag to load them. We are not manually parsing them from code as it would be probably way less efficient than the native browser tag.

I have a few hundred detached, I have no idea which are leaks and which aren’t…