Black transmissionTexture impacts render unexpectedly

Hi Babylon experts,

I’m running into unexpected rendering artifact with glTF files using the KHR_materials_transmission extension. Specifically, when the transmissionTexture is all black, it still appears to impacts the rendered output color. I would not expect an all-black transmissionTexture to have any impact on the rendered result.

Here’s what I see in the sandbox (v5.0.0-alpha.40) - this is a model with two boxes, each with a different material. The only difference between the two materials is that one of them have an all-black transmissionTexture associated. As you can see, the two boxes appears quite different.

For comparison, here’s the same model rendered in the Khronos glTF sample viewer:

Attached the sample glTF file here: (3.1 KB)

Good catch I ll fix it ASAP :slight_smile:

Fix will be up in about 1hour, thanks @Evgeni_Popov for the assist :slight_smile:

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