`KHR_materials_transmission` support for Babylon 4.2.0

Hi folks,

I was trying to load a gltf file into Babylon 4.2.0. That gltf file is using the KHR_materials_transmission extension.

Issue: In the render, the transparent part was loaded completely as an opaque material, losing the “see through” look at all. When I inspected the scene, I found the transmissionTexture.png texture originally came with the gltf couldn’t be able to be plugged to the PBR material properly. And when I tried to load the exact same gltf in 5.0.0-beta.7, the issue is gone, all materials are rendered accurately.

Question: Just wondering, is there a way we can have the gltf loaded correctly in 4.2.0 without upgrading the engine version? Or any other solutions to this issue.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately no, this is quite a massive change and it requires the new v5 engine


Got it. Thank you very much for the fast response @Deltakosh !